Saturday, April 27, 2013

We all love nachos, right?

I've made many trades with Chris over at Nachos Grande.

They are always good !

Here's the latest from him.

It starts with a nice stack of Tribe cards, what else !!
Chris had offered some of these political cards,
which I find interesting for some reason.
I have PP 1, 3,  5, 8, 10A, 11A and 13.
I would be interested in any others out there.
Next up, an A&G back Ubaldo mini.
We really need to get him straightened out.
Peachy !
A 1988 O-Pee-Chee, Tommy Hinzo.
Matt LaPorta.
Some players, you think are going to be the real deal,
 just don't pan out.
Until we trade them !!
I like these cards!
Brantley has been doing a terrific job so far.
Jim Thome has always been a favorite player of mine.
I really only collect his Indian cards.
I save his cards from other teams, if I happen to pull them,
 but don't actively search for them.
I have about 900 Thome Indians, so most of the ones I need are either auto's,
game-used or harder to find parallels.
Chris pulled one I do need !!
Sometimes a card isn't that hard to find
if you really try. I may have seen this at card shows but thought I already had it.
Thank you, thank you, thank you !!
Thanks for the great cards !
I sent a return package, hope you get it !!
Now I'm off to our annual bowling banquet.
Good food, good friends,
open bar (I don't drink, but most do !)
and all-night poker !!
Have a good evening everyone !

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