Sunday, April 14, 2013

New Purples to Chase

Stopped at Toys 'R Us Friday, to see what they had in stock. Sometimes not much !

I did pick up a Topps pack to get some more purple trade bait.

This a really cool shot.
The ball is just frozen in mid air.
You can even see the laces.
Great play at the plate !
(are you reading Brian !? )
" Whoa, I made it !!"
But the next one is new to me.
They also had some Opening Day.
I don't like buying cards there because they charge more.
But I did grab one pack.
This was inside as a bonus.
I don't even have all the Opening Day base Indians yet,
and now I have to find more purple parallels !!


  1. Yeah, good luck getting people to chase those, Topps.

    I end up with about 2 purple parallels a year. No way I'm even going to think about Opening Day purple parallels.

  2. I bought a pack of Opening Day and scored one of those purple parallels as well - Pedro Alvarez of the Pirates. Can't see how I will ever chase down all the Giants with how tough these are to pull.

  3. They finally changed up the blue so they don't look the same as the Wal Mart parallel from the flagship and then they do a purple that is exactly the same as flagship. Man I wish Topps would put me in charge of the Opening Day brand.

  4. Oh, I see it...but I can't chase those down. It's hard enough getting the Rangers' parallels.