Sunday, January 27, 2013

Tribe Fest part 2

As we walk down the halls in the sacred tunnels, there are beautiful wall decorations.



Then there was this one !


Not too shabby of a hide-a-away !
Big screen TV on left wall.



Just like all of our basements, right !?
Now the Clubhouse !


Well, that was an amazing trip !
 I never thought I would see this area.
There was another display that was very interesting.

Jim Thome in a Sox cap ??

The above displays are all created with very small, flat Lego bricks !
An amazing feat  by this gentleman.

Oh, if you had a Key Bank card, FREE food !!
Ball park hot dogs
Cracker Jack
Even the bank has a mascot !
All in all, it was an amazing day !
I hope they use the same basic plan next year !!
And now I leave you with one last photo...

 Thanks, to Katie and the entire Cleveland Indians Organization !!!

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  1. Legos are like the Duct Tape of the art world. What can't you do with them?