Saturday, January 12, 2013

Cards from Joe

Just about a month ago I received this big fat mailer from Red Hook, N.Y.
That could only mean one thing. Joe, over at The Sandlot,  had a stash of Tribe cards to find a home for!

Joe and I have been trading for quite awhile and have gotten to the point of just sending cards back and forth unannounced.

Here are some of the great cards he sent this time.

A couple very common 1993 Topps.
But, I actually needed these cards !
Well......I did have a couple.....
....but mine (on the left) were a lot bigger.
The once highly prized Man Ram rookie.
It's still listed at $5.00 on the high side.
Anyone interested at that price ?
Didn't think so.
I do have a couple copies though, so if someone needs it, LMK.
I have the Omar version of this card but I'm not sure if I have Robbie.
If not, I do now !!
Joe also included a pile of Pacifics.
I loved and miss these cards, even though there were way too many tough to pull inserts and parallels. Oh, wait ..... parallels?
Last but not least, a couple minor leaguers.
Kipper is fast becoming one of my favorite players.
I want to start a separate binder for him, but I know in today's world, he'll just break my heart and leave when the time comes.
Well, thanks Joe for the great cards I'm sure there are a few I can use !


  1. Kipnis is the guy I REALLY wanted in the Ubaldo trade. Eh I guess I don't have any right to complain after what he has become for you guys, but the Rockies haven't done much better.

  2. Glad you like the cards!I swear I thought I put that Ramirez card off to the side thinking "No way he needs this, he probably get two of this card in every trade." Thanks again!