Friday, January 18, 2013

Tradin' 2x3's

It's no deep dark secret that I love baseball history.

When I saw the first posts on the Panini Cooperstown set, I knew I wanted it !

I bought a few packs, 5-6, and got only 2 duplicate cards. I made up a want list and posted it here.

Since I just started on the set, it was  a pretty lengthy list, until I heard from Jeff at 2 by 3 Heroes !

He had requested one of my free cards back in November ( I just sent more out this week !) and I was just getting ready to send it to him. I added big pile of cards to the mailer and this is what I got in return !


A huge stack of Cooperstown cards !  60 cards, instantly gone from my want list !

But he didn't stop there.

Jeff also included a stack of Tribe cards.

1995 Upper Deck  Predictor  Albert Belle
Some great 1994 Collector's Choice Silver Signatures.
1992 Topps Gold Winners
Doug Jones and Sandy Alomar
And last but not least,
a very shiny 2000 Upper Deck
Manny Ramirez Superstar Summit.
Thanks Jeff, for all the great cards !

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  1. Thanks to you for some great cards. I love that Belle predictor - wish it had a Sox on it (or Belle when he was a Sox).