Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Sorry Night Owl, I'm a little past deadline....

I'm still catching up here.

This is really a nightmare, I swear I will never let this happen again.

That is, if I ever get caught up !

When I started this blog, nearly five years ago ( wow, I had to check my profile !), I had no idea that I would be trading cards with so many people from so many places. It has really been fun and I hope to keep it up for a long time but it has a way of getting away from you.

I always used to post trades and send return packages within hours or at least a few days of receiving a mailer. Now I still have a box full to sort through.

Just about everyone knows Greg from Night Owl Cards. He was among the first few bloggers to greet me and we have sent cards back and forth many times. Tonight I pulled his mailer out of my trade box. Dated April 16. At least it was from 2012 !

This is what he so kindly sent.

 Upper Deck X. It seems that you either like or hate this set. I myself, like it !
I think it was one of those fun sets meant to appeal to younger kids. I guess that explains it.
My wife always says she had three little boys. Two she gave birth to, and one she married.

Like it or not, you have to admit that the color and foil on these inserts is cool !

At one time in his career with Cleveland Charlie dyed his hair blond. You can see it sticking out from under his cap. I don't know if lost a bet or what, but it was not a pretty sight !

I love this set ! The1993 Upper Deck B.A.T. set. It is one of the very few, unadvertised sets that I am trying to complete.

Whoa !! You can tell from the photo, but this is a 1975 mini ! Hmmm.... something is vaguely familiar here. I know ! It's this !!

Greg, you sent me this card in February, and the one above in April !!
And it's only taken me six months to notice !
Thanks for the upgrade !!

I also love stickers and logo cards. This is a very cool gold version.

I would like to complete the Cleveland version of this set also. Gee, maybe I should make up a want list. Pretty brilliant thought for an old man !  I'll be 62 in December and may partially retire, then I'll have more time !

We'll finish up with a little 2012 base and Heritage.
Sorry this took so lonnnnnng!
Thanks so much for the great cards !!

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  1. I totally don't remember sending these cards to you at all! Two '75 Buddy Bell's??? I guess one should've gone to Tribe Cards.