Sunday, October 21, 2012

Wrap a wrap a wrap they call it a wrapper ! 1979-85

Wrap, wrap, wrap you know I'm after.

Your wrappers !

Many, many times I have mentioned having a wrapper collection.
Some probably think I'm crazy.
Some probably doubt it's actual existence !

But many of you have contributed to my cause and I do appreciate it.

So now I am starting a series of posts to show off my wrappers.
If you have or know of any wrappers I don't have, please feel free to contact me.
I will compensate you for additions to my wrapper collection as well as my card collection.

There is at least one website, that I know of, dedicated to baseball card wrappers.

I would also be happy to hear from anyone else who collects wrappers or would like to.
I have lots of duplicates !

So here we go !


I have a serious lack of bookshelf space. I don't even have room for all my card binders right at the moment. This box sits on a shelf next to my desk and houses my wrapper binders for now.

 Each page holds 3 wrappers on each side. The albums are designed for horizontal photos so, obviously, you open it sideways to view the wrappers. Eventually I want to have a system to display a base card with each wrapper. These would work well for that, a wrapper on top and a card on the bottom, but I don't have enough albums or space right now.

The wrappers will be shown in chronological order as they appear in my collection. If you see any mistakes, feel free to let me know. I'm old and tend to make mistakes !! Also, most older wrappers are not dated so, in some cases, I rely on what I'm told when I acquire them. I will try to update as I find new additions so these posts can serve as a have/want list.
So here we go, enjoy your trip into the past !

My oldest wrapper, 1979 Topps.

First of all, "purist" collectors, display the wrappers flat and unfolded. That allows you to see and read the advertising, as there are variations during the year for different promotions. I think it takes up too much space that way and the older ones are too expensive for me to try to get all of the varieties anyway. I just fold them to approximate pack size.

1980 Topps

1981 Fleer

1981 Topps

1981 Topps Baseball Scratch - off

1981 Topps Giant Photo Cards
1982 ? Fleer Star Stickers

1982 Topps Stickers

1983 Donruss HOF Heroes

1984 Donruss Baseball Champions

1984 Fleer Star Stickers

1984 Topps

1984 Topps Baseball Rub-Downs

1985 Donruss Action All-Stars
1985 Fleer Star Stickers


  1. I collected just about all of those back in the day. I kept a lot of the wrappers for a while but I tossed them for some reason years ago.

  2. nice overview, never thought about saving these wrappers but now I at least know a destination !

  3. Love the wrapper collection. Occasionally I'll save a wrapper or two, but I never really thought about displaying them like that. I mostly just stuff them in the front pocket of the set binder.

  4. I used to buy a lot of Schwan's food off the trucks that went around back in the 80's-90's and I kept a lot of the boxes the chicken fillets came in and I would take all my wrappers and load those boxes up with wrappers that I placed in there flat, and then put a book in there and smashed them down.

    They were pristine. So many '87 Topps wrappers in there!(ugh)

    I have about 20 of those boxes in storage and I am wanting to go through them now after reading this.