Thursday, March 22, 2012

I found a card shop !!

It's not real close, about an hours drive from my home. Its called Medina Sports Cards and Collectibles. Located in, well, Medina ,Ohio.

I had a redemption card for week 5 of the Home Run Legends promotion. I figured there were some card shops up around Cleveland or down by Columbus or Cincinnati but I definitely did not want to drive that far. So I checked Topps website for other HTA dealers. That's how I found Bill in Medina. They are even open on Sunday so I called to make sure he had the Legends card, which he did, so my wife, our oldest son Josh and I went for a Sunday afternoon drive.

This is the card I received. Bill informed me that I was one week early as the next weeks offering would be Mickey Mantle. Just my luck !! But I'll take Arod.
My wife went looking around town, they have a lot of antique shops and other interesting places there, while Josh and I looked around the card shop.
I haven't followed Panini and their baseball products so I didn't really know what I might find in these packs, but I figured I needed one of these wrappers for my collection. Bill said there were some auto's possible.

Well, no autographs and not even any players I knew of except Andrew McCutchen. I'm not sure I like cards without logos but I will add them to my sample collection.

There was also a box full of some older packs. I always liked Zenith so I decided to try one of these also.

I got some decent base cards including Steve Carlton.

Museum Collection inserts were 1 in 3 packs. I did get lucky here with Joe Mauer.
But then the luck got even better.... or did it ?

At first glance it looks real good. It could have been a triple bat, that would have been really nice.But when I got home I looked a little closer.

This is the back of the card, can't read it ?

Try this view. Enclosed pieces of jersey !!??

So Donruss, you're telling me J.D. Drew wore a jersey made of wood ? The card doesn't appear to have been tampered with, but how could they let this happen ?
Oh well ! We have all seen strange things amongst memorabilia cards.

Looking around the shop, Josh and I spotted these cubes of cards for sale. $3.99 each or 3 for $10.99. Of course, you can only see two of the cards you wil be getting, but we love mystery "packs" !
The cards you see here are not the ones I could see when I picked my three cubes.
These are two of the cards that helped me make my choices. I could also tell there were some old Topps die-cuts in the middle. The odd shapes made them easy to pick out.
These are the Topps die-cuts. There were twenty-five in all.
The rounded edges of the Studio " credit " cards were also easy to pick out, but I didn't realize they were all the gold versions. There were fourteen different ones.
There was a nice mixture of cards in all the cubes. SP, OPC, Topps Embossed and others.
Here we have some Bowman Chrome and a very nice SPx die-cut Chipper Jones.
There was also a lot of "04 Topps Total if anyone is interested in that set.
More Bowman, Select, Donruss "The Rookies" and Pacific.
And it's not all trade bait !
Tribe cards ! Lots of Joey..err Albert Belle.
Thome and a chrome Sizemore.
And I think I actually need these last four !
All in all it was alot of fun opening these up. And the price was right. I got 258 cards for $10.99, or just a little over 4 cents a card. Of course, the number of cards you get will depend on the thickness.
Well Bill, thanks for the cards and I'm sure you will be seeing us again !!
If any of you bloggers are interested, this link shows you where it's at.
And this link is their website where you can purchase cards. It has 40 pages of various boxes and individual cards, including some very nice vintage. They also deal in racing, football, basketball and gaming cards.


  1. That bat card is hilarious. I think Milton preferred birch for its flexibility, and it must have disintegrated.

  2. I'm interested in the Cole and McCutchen Playoff Contenders cards if you'd like to make a trade.

  3. Sounds like you had a worthwhile visit. The Carlton Zenith card is sweet.

  4. Wow! What a great little find (the store) and super find (the cards!). Awesome trip to a new place!