Saturday, March 17, 2012

A very late contest post from The Diamond King

Way back in December, The Diamond King, ran a terrific contest .I was fortunate to win the above stack of cards. The best part of the stack is that they are all serial numbered !

My favorite was this Ultimate Bob Feller,
and this Legendary Cuts Jim Thome I need for my collection.
Two more Tribe cards showed up from Topps.
Here are some more of my favorites from the stack.
At 75, this was the card with the lowest total production.
At 2/100, this was the lowest card number.
Numbered 510/1000, this Al Kaline is definitely a keeper !
There was a wide variety of these Skybox prospects.
Another very nice card.
A very shiny 89/100 Barry Zito Silver Spotlight.
Vintage players from Sweet Spot Classic are always welcomed.
As well as this Mike Schmidt.
Some more classic players from the past.
Talk about rainbows, these old Pacific cards really set the standard. They were the parallel kings along with 1997-98 Score.
Simple and to the point. I love the glove background.
Last but not least we have four more shiny Topps Super Teams cards.
Thanks so very much for the contest and the great cards !!

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