Monday, September 19, 2011

Vintage goodness from the Troll

Just about everyone reading this should be familiar with the Troll over at Collective Troll.

I've dealt with him before, as many of you have, and I've never had any regrets.

He was itchin' to complete his 2011 Allen and Ginter set and I had a few cards he needed, so we worked out a small trade.

He had one extra Allen and Ginter Triber, Chris Perez. He has a done a decent job for Cleveland this year.

A little shaky at times, but overall very good.

Then came the vintage ! A half dozen sweet 1963 Topps Indians. These are some of the guys I grew up with. I was 12 during the '63 baseball season and I remember all of these Tribers on the field.

Next, another very nice '63, Bob Allen.

I only have one 1965 Indian and that is Max Alvis, so The Troll really helped me here. The '65's are really nice cards too.

Like I said, it was a small trade but none the less a very good one.

Thank you very much Mr. Troll !!

You half of the trade went in the mail today.


  1. Always a pleasure Jack! Glad you liked your half... Its funny, some people might consider a trade with 10 cards from the 60s to be a pretty big trade - for us, its just a teeny tiny one, ha!
    I was glad to find a solid home for those 63's... Its funny, I had less than 10% of the set, but had 3 copies of Bob Allen. That would be cool for you, for me, not so much... Anyway, as my Indians dupes built up I thought of you. I was thrilled when you wrote to me and offered me some Ginter... To be honest, I planned on sending you all those cards anyway, ha! Anyway, really glad to be back trading again... Thanks again! Cheers!
    Oh, You have a very impressive library sir! I love your blog header pic!!!