Sunday, September 4, 2011

The trading box is back from Things are Funnier Here

The trading box is back again. Actually it's been back since July. Sorry Julie for such a long delay. There's been a lot going on in my life lately (all good !) and I'm very far behind in the blogging world.

The trading box is a concept I have used on a couple of occasions. I sometimes have access to these small boxes at work. They are perfect for shipping out about 50 or so cards. I send it out full of cards of your favorite team/player or cards from your want list. You look over what I send, refill the box with with cards you think I will like and we're all happy !

Julie, over at Things are Funnier Here, and I were discussing a single card trade. We decided to make it a bigger trade so I suggested my trading box. She liked the idea and here is some of the great stuff she sent back.

I'm always happy to receive any Indian cards. Julie sent a wide variety. I love this top card with Sizemore and Hafner.

Some of the good ole' days here, with Thome,Visquel, Nagy and Brook.

If you look close at Hershiser's face, you'll see why they called him " Bulldog ". A very intense competitor. I also love the multiple image cards. I have a small collection of them from all different teams.

A little old and new here. I like Santana's expression too.

Mike Jeffcoat, rated rookie. My age is showing now. I remember when he came up.

Shiny is always good. Two hard playing guys here. Jason is really playing well this time up.

A lot of heritage. I like these cards as they remind me of my childhood days of collecting. Simple cards, simple photos. Just the facts, Jack !

C.C. has gone green ! And the X- Men are coming ! ( sorry, I'm gettin' tired here )

Talk about Sweet Spots ! The Rock and Bob Lemon. They don't come much better.

And now, the card that actually started this trade.

Josh Tomlin, Gypsy Queen auto. What a cool, crafty pitcher he had been this year. We are really missing him now.

Well Julie, thanks for the trade and all the cool cards ! As your note said, I'd be happy to trade again also.

If anyone else is interested in a Trading Box deal just let me know. I have 1,000's of cards to trade !

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