Thursday, September 1, 2011

RPOK from Tribecards

Anyone who is reading this probably knows of David, from the blog Indian Baseball Cards .

I didn't request a RPOK but he sent one anyway ! He's just that kind of guy!

There are about 40-45,000 Cleveland Indian cards out there that I know of.

David and I each have about 25% of those, so we're bound to have some duplicates that each other need. Of the cards David sent, these are the ones I needed.

I love team logo stickers ! This one I had never seen before. I also like the oddball items like these Fantasic Sam's and King B discs.

Some new players.

Some old players.

And a mixture of both ! I had the Baerga Red Hot Bazooka but not the Belle.

This was my first 1998 Indian Donruss die-cut.

Then there was this really great V Mart AS jersey card !

Thank you very much David !


  1. It's crazy to think you two have only 25 percent each of all the Indians cards.

  2. You are VERY welcome!! I'm glad there were cards you actually needed! That's one of my "fears:" keep sending stuff folks don't need. Of course, the fact that we each have so many, the ones we need are indeed rare gems! (Word Verification: stshemi: a cross between a Cadillac and a Charger RT?)