Sunday, September 25, 2011

Last Tribe home game and card show goodies

Today will be the last home game for the Indians this year. Shortly, our oldest son Josh and I will be leaving to attend. It's been a very good year, especially considering all the injuries. I feel bad for the Twins, but I sure hope we end the season with a victory. I would like to see Thome one more time so I hope he's the DH or at least shares it with Pronk. I'd really like to see them both.

After the 425' shot yesterday, I'd like to see Thome back next year. One final complete season in Cleveland, a World Series Championship and then he can retire !!!

I also went to a small card show at Sandusky Mall yesterday on my way home from work. Only about 10 tables, but I did find some interesting items. And cheap ! Most all of these cards were $.25 or less. A little more for a couple of the Manny inserts.

I think I already have some of the Tribe cards but I couldn't pass them up. Plus my memory isn't what it used to be !

I have this entire set, with the tin they came in, but I have never seen any singles before.

Just some cards that caught my eye and a few oddballs for my sample collection

The Boggs 3000th hit was a HR in Cleveland.

This was an interesting set from Hillshire Farms/Kahn's meats, released as a mail-in offer in 1989.

It's missing the Cool Papa Bell and Bob Gibson cards. Anyone happen to have them ??!

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  1. Have fun at the game! Hopefully you'll see that win.