Thursday, June 9, 2011

$1.00 2011 Topps packs and Series II

Trips to the Dollar Store and to Walmart provided a few surprises today.

This is what I picked up.

You'll notice the pack on the left says 5 cards.

The Dollar Store had a box of these opened up and packs were only $1.00 each !

20 cents a card is a little more than the 16 1/2 cents per card in a regular pack, but I was hoping for some cheap code cards. I should have known better......

.... nothing but 5 packs of base cards !

However , they also had 2008 Timeline packs.

I bought two of those.It's kind of an interesting set to me anyway.

Today it was very interesting....

....Yea !! An auto in a $1.00 pack !

Granted, he's not a superstar, but you never know .

OK, let's see what series II has to offer !
I bought one regular pack and two rack packs.

Joe Mauer code card # TDG-19.

I did get a 1966 card but the "dig" function wasn't working tonight so I'll have to wait for my 54th ring.

A couple Diamond Anniversary sparkly parallels.

I have almost 50 of these. I'm looking to trade them for Cleveland Indians.

Anybody have some ??

I have one, Chris Perez.

I got both versions of the Cardinals.

Issac, I just sent you a box of Cardinal cards. I'll drop these in the mail too !

This is the Puhols 60 Years of Topps regular back # 60YOT-111.
I'm trying to complete this set from series I, but I don't know why they didn't stop at 60 cards.
Marie, if you don't have it, you may find this in your mailbox.

This trio has Night Owl written all over it !!
I've got some other cards for him anyway, might as well add these.

Four random cards.
My youngest son Andy collects Howard, so that goes in his pile.
Actually he collects Angels too, so Winfield may end up there as well.
The bottom two I just like !
I love the throwback uniforms.

And even two Tribe cards for me !!

Then there was this.

To me, this is just an amazingly beautiful card.


  1. Do you have any vintage Red Sox in your Diamond Collection? I have a few Indians in mine...

  2. Jack, I got a mint 25 card Indians team set from 1983 Fleer.... you want it? It's yours, just email me if you do....

  3. I love that Ichiro, any interest in trading it?

  4. I have some Indians sparkleys from Series I. Who do you need? I'm looking for Red Sox but will also trade em for other players I like. I think I have 3 or 4.

  5. Wow, those are three very nice Dodger cards!