Friday, April 9, 2010

Ebay,card show, beer cans and The Phillies?

What a combination, huh?

Well, ebay is easy. This is a great Cliff Lee gold refractor,14/50,

I won a few days ago.
I love this shot with his legs straight up and down.

The card show part is easy too.
That's if you want to call it a card show.
Every 2-3 months they hold a very small card show at Sandusky Mall.
When Cedar Point is open a little more often
as 1,000's and 1,000's of people come to Sandusky .
I hate it!
At work I can't even get out of our parking lot
as Cedar Point is right down the road from our dealership.
Anyway....I picked these up at the show on my way home today.

1995 Bowman Prime Prospects Paul Shuey.

A very cool 1994 Denny's hologram Albert Belle.

And finally, 2010 Upper Deck Cleveland Stadium.

The card show is also where the beer comes in.

I had never seen these anywhere before.

No beer, it was empty.

He also had a Whitey Ford and Duke Snider.
If anyone is interested I could see if he still has them tomorrow.

So why was a very devout Tribe fan interested in the Phillies?

Actually it wasn't the Phillies as much as Richie Ashburn.

Makes sense, he was a pretty good ball player in his day.

But actually, a few years ago, my youngest son,Andy, bought me this:

1963 Topps Richie Ashburn.

Maybe you are now wondering why he would buy me that
instead of a vintage Tribe card.

Simple, he knew about this :

Some 50+ years ago my Father went to the local hardware store
and bought me my first real baseball glove.

A Richie Ashburn model.

I even put my own autograph on it!
At that age, I was called Jackie.
It took forever for my aunts and uncles
to quit calling me that!

The glove sets on a shelf behind me with the '63 card in the pocket.
Now the beer can will set next to it.

Dad, if you're listening, thanks for all the catches.


  1. "No beer, it was empty."

    Most depressing words I've ever heard...

    That's great you've still got your first glove. I just found mine recently with an auto of Phil Rizzuto on it. Not real of course. I think we should all do a post on our first gloves, could be fun!

  2. How in the world did you catch with that thing!

  3. Wow! What a great post! Super cards, a trip down memory lane and some cool things I had never seen!! Sweet!!