Monday, February 15, 2010

Topps Million Card Give-a-way

Can you believe this !!??? If you can I have some land in Manhattan I want to sell you.
This was actually my first card. At least I knew who he was.

#2 was a little more exciting. Not much,but at least a little older.

#3 Was the "Hit". I think I already have several of these but it was better than I expected.

# 4 My last one for today. This was more of a vintage card.

Not bad overall. For free.
I haven't looked into shipping costs yet!

I'll be checking out the trade possibilities


  1. At least you ended on a good note!

  2. Hey, wait!!! I got that same Yount card!!! Did you steal my code??? ;)

  3. Everyone seems to be getting that '87 Yount, sometimes two! Cool on the vintage though.

    The cards you sent arrived yesterday. Great stuff. Yours will go out Monday because I forgot to send it last time I was out. On the plus side, I can add that Alomar if you still need it. :)