Tuesday, February 9, 2010

History of Cleveland Professional Baseball Part VI, again !!

This is an updated remake of a previous post.Some of you who have been around a while may remember it.I kind of got side tracked by holidays and trades and this series fell into the vast crevasses of the blogosphere. That's partly why I created my Trading Post. To keep this blog more on track. I have created a side bar so anyone can easily access the first five parts of this story if they so desire. I hope you enjoy it!!


The first Cleveland baseball cards ?

Cleveland makes it's way back to the Major Leagues.

After a two year hiatus Cleveland was able to move back into major league baseball as a replacement for the Pittsburgh team which defected to the National League. Of course, that made Cleveland a member of the American Association.

Cleveland did not fare well in their first year in the Association, finishing last in an eight team league, with a 39-92 record. Pete Hotaling,who played center field, finished with a .299 BA, 136 pts. behind the league leader Tip O'Neill at .435. Their team ERA of 4.99 barely beat out the New York club at 5.28 for last place in the league.Things are sure to better next year.

Jimmy Williams, the manager for the 1887 Blues is featured on the 1887-90 Old Judge (N-172) series card pictured above. Many Cleveland players were awarded cards in this very large and confusing set.Being issued over a four year period created cards with the same player on various teams and also,in some cases, many different poses.These are the oldest Cleveland cards I have been able to identify. I am now working on a list of all the Cleveland cards in this set. That will be my next post, along with photos of some of the Tribe cards.

If anyone knows of any older Cleveland cards, please let me know !
year !

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