Sunday, February 14, 2010

1887 Old Judge Cleveland Blues Baseball Cards

1887 Old Judge Cigarette Cards

There were at least 9 Old Judge cards of Cleveland players on the 1887 roster.Below I have images of 8 different players, two of which have multiple poses.Obviously, some of the images are not very clear and I am searching for better ones.

Jimmy Williams, Mgr.
Billy Crowell, P 14-31 4.88 45 complete games!

Bob Gilks, P 7-5 3.08 12 Complete games

Second pose of Gilks

John McGlone, sub. 21 games 79 AB .253 12 RBI
Second pose for McGlone

Ed McKean, SS 132 games 539 AB .286 54 RBI

T.C. Nicholson
There is conflicting information on this player. I found the card here . The card says Cleveland and is filed under minor league. The 2009 SCD Standard Catalog doesn't list his name in the Old Judge set. There is a Parson Nicholson (sometimes listed as Micholson) listed on a Cleveland card with a note that he never played for Cleveland. The information for these old cards is sometimes very sketchy.

Cub Stricker, 2B 131 games 534 AB .264 53 RBI

Chief Zimmer, sub. 14 games 52 AB .231 4 RBI
Pete Hotaling, CF 126 games 505 AB .299 94 RBI
I still need an image of this card.
Much of my information comes from a terrific book by David Nemec. It's titled " The Great Encyclopedia of 19th Century Major League Baseball". It's a tough read, but it's filled with over 800 pages of history including teams, leagues,rosters and player information.


  1. Very nice.

    The Cleveland Blues Base Ball Club site has a history page with images of 17 cards from the 1887-1888 set.

  2. That Jimmy Williams card is amazing!!!