Monday, June 14, 2010

Pronk says : Stephen who?


June 13th, 2010

Approximately Noon

My two sons and I approached downtown Cleveland, Ohio.

Peering out of the train car windows, we could
see an eerie mid day fog that hung over the tops of the tall buildings.

In the distance the light towers of Progressive field were barely visible.

But, by game time things were clearing up !

Although Strasburg got the best of most of the Tribe hitters...

the fireworks started in the second inning.

On a 1-0 pitch , Strasburg tried to sneak
a 100 mph fastball passed Hafner.

Pronk said "no way" as he parked it over the right field wall!

Travis walked the next two at bats against him.

We did did make him (Strasburg) work a little.

95 pitches in 5.1 innings
52 strikes and 43 balls - not a good ratio

Ultimately, 5 walks sent him to the showers.

However, the bullpen couldn't contain the Nationals.

After a valiant attempt in the 9th inning, we lost 9-4.

It was an exciting day though!


  1. sorry it didn't turn out better for the tribe, but it looks like you guys had fun anyway.

  2. Good for Pronk! As a Twins fan, he's always been a favorite (not when he's at bat, of course)

    Hey, did you get that trade list I sent you a while back?

  3. Man, I bet that was incredible to be there in person for a little Strasburg Shutup! :-)