Thursday, August 12, 2010

New postage and trading with McCann Can Triple

The other day, as I was sending out a return package for Sarah over at McCann Can Triple , I noticed that the local Post Office had the the new Negro League postage stamps available.

"Rube" Foster, one of the main forces behind the beginning of the official Negro League, is featured on the stamps. It actually takes two stamps to show the entire scene of the ball field with Rube, inset in the foreground.

They are sold in sheets of 20 stamps with all four plate blocks showing the same number.

And now to my trade with Sarah !

It starts with a mixture of Topps, Bowman and Upper Deck.
I love the Upper Deck card with Sizemore running down a fly ball.
Hopefully he will be back on his horse next year!

Next, we step into the past with some 1991 Donruss.
Ah, the good old days when collecting was sweet and simple.

A great A&G mini of Cliff Lee.
We sure miss him.

But Choo can create a lot of excitement !
I really like this Bowman card.

OK, I know a lot of you out there don't like Upper Deck X but I, for one, do.
These are some very nice X, X-2 and X-3 examples.
Plus a green Starquest C.C.

Well, since Pronk wasn't in the Home Run Derby, I didn't win the big prize.
But this is still a great card for my collection.

Now for the real "hit" of the trade
A terrific V-Mart jersey card.
I have the Peralta from this set but I didn't have the Martinez.
Until now !!
Thank you very much Sarah for the great cards !!

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