Friday, August 27, 2010

Important news !!!!!

Just want to let everyone know my PC is down right now. You can still contact me at if necessary.

This week-end we are moving our youngest son, Andy, to Vandalia, Il. He has accepted a position there as sports editor/sports writer/sports photographer.It is a small, weekly paper but he has a generous starting salary. We found him an apartment last week so he moves in tomorrow and starts work on monday morning ! Tuesday night he also went on a walk with with his girlfriend and her dog.

Confused or wondering about that last line ?? We are dog sitting for his girlfriend Liz, as she had to move in with her sister for a while. Andy took "Colors" over to her house so they could go for a walk. Nothing abnormal there. Soon, he pulled out his phone to answer a "call " . He told Liz it was his Mom and she had found one of the dog's tags on the floor at home and Liz should check the dog collar. Liz panicked and bent down to look. A shocked,blank look came over her face !

Behind the dog tags she found a sparkling diamond ring !!

An Aug 2011 wedding is planned !!


  1. nice. I love hearing all good news for a change. Congrats!

  2. The PC being down is good news?

    But congrats on all the rest. Andy will be working hard I'm sure, but sounds like he's doing what he loves.

  3. Excellent news on everything except the PC! Congrats!

  4. Thanks all! I'm at work this morning until noon, Andy should be leaving about now,then my wife and will be headed for Il. with the second, loaded mini van.

  5. Oh, that is great!! Good luck on the PC, too!