Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Pursuit of Browns

No, I'm not starting a football collection and I wouldn't normally display these here, but Joe, over at The Priceless Pursuit, was disposing of his football card collection and offered them to anyone who asked. I do have a few Browns and Cavs cards laying around so I told him I would take some Browns. This is what he sent :

A pair of Antonio Langham 1994 SP Premier Prospects, base and die-cut.

1995 Classic Pro Line Carl Banks and 1994 Classic Draft Derrick Alexander in his Michigan gear. BOOO !!

1994 Topps Stadium Club Ozzie Newsome Dynasty Destiny insert and 1987 Topps Bernie Kosar.

Finally another pair of Antonio Langhams except one of them was actually (David, if you're reading I know you'll love this !) a Pittsburgh (BOO !! Again) " Staler" card of Charles Johnson.

Joe had to get his little "dig" in !
That was FUN. I don't really follow the Browns a lot so it really doesn't bother me much.
Well, thanks Joe for your generosity. I'll definitely keep the one with the note. The others will probably be offered to my sons.


  1. i just put up the post about the rocky mag check it out!!

  2. You know you love those Michigan receivers down in Cleveland!

  3. Yeah,they come down here because they don't want to play for the Detroit Kittys !

  4. Wahoo! Gotta love a card that shows Black-n-Gold using the Browns as track-n-field practice!