Thursday, July 23, 2009

Cards and Wrappers

I received a package today from Jeremy over at "no one's going to read this blog ". Obviously, at least I do !

This is Jeremy's business card which he included.
It is very unique in it's size, measuring 2 3/4" x 1 1/8".

A nice touch to the package.

The cards start with Pronk and Jake Westbrook.At least they're not on the hit list yet.

Then a couple oldies but goodies from '89 Topps.

And last but not least, some 2006 Topps Updates.

Updates update : none are still with the Tribe !! I did need a couple of these for my collection however.

Now, a nice mixture of wrappers. All hobby versions except for the Turkey Red.Those are what I need most. With no card shops in the area I have to rely on shows to get them. I also watch for other variations such as the number of cards per pack and the material the wrapper is made from. Like the shiny silver and white versions from Walmart and Target.

Jeremy also included some football wrappers.While I don't collect these specifically, I do have a few football and basketball cards and wrappers I have picked up over the years.These will go safely in with the others !

Thank you very much Jeremy ! You should be getting a package soon.

I really have to get a checklist started of the wrappers I have as I continue to make posts on them.


  1. I always like that Nichols card and I can't explain why. It doesn't get more boring than that card, but I like it.

  2. Cool. I'm glad you liked them. I was keeping them around knowing that someone was collecting wrappers. When I saw your post the other day it reminded me to send them out. The Nichols card reminds me of my friend from high school Tony Sizemore. He always wore a baseball hat with those same type of glasses.