Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Derby was a dog but the game rocked !

I thought the Home Run Derby was boring and took way to long.I like the old TV show in the 60's. A home plate umpire called strikes and balls. A pitch in the strike zone was an out if the batter didn't swing.Some of those guys just wait too long for the "perfect' pitch and still don't hit very well.Don't get wrong,I'm sure it's no easy task to hit a baseball 350-450 feet pitch after pitch and I don't expect every hitter to put on a show like Josh Hamilton last year.Or like Sosa and "Big Mac" in the steroid era.(But you have to admit that was exciting !). It's like there's too much hype before the derby and then everyone has to sit around for 2 1/2 hours.I think the whole extravaganza needs a revamping.

I did enjoy the game and not just because the American league won.There were some exciting plays and some others you may not have expected to see in an All-Star game.It's not like a regular season game and sometimes can't be played in the conventional manner.I know there are a lot of different views on the game and everyone has there own idea of how it should be done.Player selection, game strategy and importance of the game are all very controversial subjects right now.I really don't think everyone will be happy no matter what kind of changes might be put into place.The whole game of baseball has changed and will continue to do so, just as the whole world and our own lives do.There are always "old school" people who think the game should be played just like it was 50 years ago, and younger groups who cry for more modern changes to bring it into the 21st century.I'm middle of the road myself.I have nothing against the current commissioner, but I think there should be limit on the term.I think we need a poll of fans, players, managers, owners and sports writers/announcers to answer some questions and clear up a few things.

What is the purpose of the All-Star game ?

Is it to showcase the best current players of the game?

Is it for the fans so we can see our favorite players?

Who should vote on the players?

Should there be a specific purpose for the game or just an exhibition and
break for the players? (of course, if you're playing, it's not really a break)

Baseball,as all professional sports,aren't really just games any more.They're businesses, and technically have been since 1869 when the Cincinnati team was first paid.But in today's world it's more serious than ever so the sport is bound to change accordingly.

At my age, I'm not getting too upset or excited about the whole thing.I just like to watch baseball !!


  1. I did think that this years game was pretty good, although I'd have liked it if Victor Martinez didn't get the intentional walk. I know it made some sense strategically (although I'm apposed to the IBB on a basic moral level) but c'mon, it's the All-Star game. You can't intentionally walk a guy.

    I'm with you on the Home Run Derby. I don't know what they could do to improve it, but as it stands they can take the Derby and the Slam Dunk contest and ship them both to Borneo.

  2. I agree. I wanted to see Victor hit.The Slam Dunk might fit in real well in Borneo ! Gotta' be some big boys over there.

  3. I think the HR Derby is a waste.

    The All-Star game should based on players' stats at some given point in the season. Players could vote for a certain number and maybe the sportswriters and coaches get a certain number. But, all-stars for it... STARS!