Sunday, June 28, 2009

Wrappers from Covered in Wrappers

Last week I received a small box in the mail from Marie over at A Cardboard Problem. Marie (aka : Covered in Wrappers) had purchased a couple hobby packs of Upper Deck O-P-C . I had a Albert Puhols O-P-C box bottom cut out . Of course, she wanted it and I wanted the hobby wrapper (one of these days I'm going to do a post on wrappers, really).

Well she sent the wrapper, above center, along with a 1991 OPC Premier.On the right is my retail wrapper.

The problem is, she sent all of this too !! Actually it's a problem of the good variety.

This is the one card I expected to receive with the wrapper.

This one she pulled later and included it to surprise me. A black-bordered Grady.
Now that was a nice surprise in itself. But did she stop there ? No. She sent the whole pile of cards shown above plus all of these :

Joe Roa ? Iknow I'm getting old, but you got on this one Marie. I don't remember this guy at all and I know I don't have any other cards of him !

2009 Upper Deck Grady and Ryan

Cliff Lee x 2 with an old Friend.

Cliff again along with Chad Ogea. Actually met him and got an auto. once.

A real nice '09 Spectrum V-Mart. This afternoon during the TV broadcast of the game, the name "V-Mart" came up and one announcer had never heard it before. Where have you been been Rick Manning !?

Speaking of V-Mart, a gold parallel.

This one goes back a few years. Hey Rick, did you ever hear of "Thunder" as in Andre Thorton ?

Team photo comparison : 1980 and 2009

Two more : 2003 and 2008

Well Marie, I don't know how to thank you other than looking for some more Alberts ! So that's what I'm going to do now.

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  1. Joe Roa? I agree. Never heard of him either!