Thursday, June 4, 2009

She's not one of Grady's Ladies

I had tonight's post all figured out. At least I thought I did. But then some last minute editing turned up some conflicting information, which is fairly commonplace when you start digging into 19th century baseball. I wanted to present some information on the earliest Cleveland baseball cards that I have come up with.Now I'm going to go a slightly different direction with that post, so maybe this week-end I can get back to it.

This is more important anyway !

Earlier this week, when I got home from Columbus, there was a package waiting for me. I always like packages,sending and receiving.It was definitely not from a Grady's Lady or these cards would still be in New Jersey.They came from Sooz over at A Cardboard Problem. She's more of a "Derek's Doll". Which works out well for me !

We start out with some '09 Finest

Lee, Sizemore and Rundles.
Then we go to C.C. I still collect his cards as long as he's in a Tribe uniform.(and it says Cleveland Indians on the card)

One lonely Kelly Shoppach '06 Flair Showcase, which is a very nice card.

And then it's all Grady

Un-Common and Rare

23 and 20 /29

and more...

and more....
and more....
and more...
and more...
and more ...
and more !

Thank you very ,very much !! Many of these will be added to my collection.

Aren't bloggers just great !?


  1. Wow!! That's a lot of Grady's!! Awesome!

  2. I do like Grady, but not as much as Jeter.

    Glad you enjoyed the cards.