Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Sandusky Card Show part 2

If you didn't see my last post, you might want to check it out before you go any farther !

I'll wait.

Still waiting.

Still waiting !

Ok, long enough. The rest will just have to catch up later.

As far as the cost for all the odd ball stuff, from your comments I guess I got a bargain !

But first, these are the other "treasures" I came home with.

1989 King -B disc  Orel Hershiser
2009 SPx  Victor Martinez
1980 Kellogg's "Thunder"  Thorton
This is a super nice card with no cracks or crazing !
Another excellent 1981 Kellogg's Mike Hargrove.
1997 Topps 1st Team All-Stars Jim Thome.
I already have this card but I couldn't pass it up !
1961 Bob Allen rookie.
I'm finally starting to realize I should try to fill in some missing pieces of my vintage Indian collection. I have a new checklist in process also.

1978 TCMA Indians  Joe Adcock
1966 Topps Pedro Gonzalez
1986 TCMA All Time Indians  Joe Jackson.
If only he would have hung out with some different players in Chicago.....
Back to modern days with 2011 Black border Carlos Santana.
1995 SP Albert Belle
1997 Metal Universe Jose Mesa.
Not sure why, but I love the Metal U. cards.
2008  A&G Casey Blake.
1969  Topps ERA Leaders
Louie Tiant         1.60
Sam McDowell  1.81
Dave McNally   1.95
Cleveland had four pitchers in the top 22 !
1967 Topps Indians Rookie Stars
Bill Davis
Gus Gill
Well, that was the rest of my loot, 15 cards for about $7.
But then, I walked around the corner table and saw the "Box".
When I read the sign, I looked in the box for about 5 seconds, and knew I was taking it home!
Now I just have to figure out what to do with all of it !
Thanks for reading !!


  1. $10? You robbed that guy. Do not pass go... do not collect $200... go directly to jail sir. Nice find.

    1. I did have my hand in my pocket with my finger pointing like a gun.

  2. Replies
    1. Lot of extra Red Sox if you're interested !

  3. I am thinking I may have to drive to the Sandusky show at some point, nice haul for a nice price.

    1. Next one will be in January. I stop on Friday night, on my way home from work, to check it out. If it looks promising I could let you know.

  4. I'd definitely fork over $10 on that box.

    1. I owe you some cards anyway, there may be some Yankees coming your way !

  5. NIce, but now you have to store it all....!

    1. Several bloggers may be receiving some packages. It's mostly pre-Griffey though. But if you are interested in anything ,let me know !

  6. Have you forgot a zero to the right? 10$? That's around 7€. I have lunch for more than that!
    Like I said before..it's Christmas time!