Saturday, October 19, 2013

Trades From the Family

Family is a good thing.


Oh, sometimes there are some members who present  a problem, like Charles.

But I'm talking about my blogger family. Yeah, that's how I think and feel about all you guys and gals out there. I can almost count the ones I've met in person on one hand, but I feel like I've known many of you forever. You are always there to talk to and I know, sometimes, you are even listening !

This is a group trade post that covers some of the great cards I have received over the last couple of weeks while I was a little under the weather.

This first item is actually a purchase I made, at a Good Will store, in Lake Orion, Michigan.

I couldn't resist this "Little Slugger" bank !
He stands about 8" high.
The small label on the left reads National Potteries Co.
Cleveland , Ohio.
So he's even a local boy !
I do have the plug for the bottom.
I paid $.99 !
These cards came from Mark, over at battlin' bucs.
Mark had picked up some of these 1992 RBI prototypes.
I needed one for my sample collection
 and he kindly sent me this Nolan Ryan.
Topps Ultimate 1954 Series
Red Kress
Dream Team Feller/Boudreau
And this 2002 Topps
Limited Edition Tribe card.
The next batch came from P-Town Tom
First, some badly needed 2013 Hobby Wrappers!
A&G, Cooperstown and Pinnacle.

1990 Sportflics Steve Olin
2013 Cooperstown Lou Boudreau
2more Tribe HOFer's
Nap Lajoie
Tris Speaker
Plus a Golden Steve Olin.
Next up :  Brad, from
First some mini goodness !
Black-border  Bob Feller
A&G back Swisher
From 1994 and the Ted Williams Card Co.
Rocky Colavito !
A little rainbow action.
Dillon Howard purple
Carlos Santana Chrome Refractor
Michael Bourn red border
More base chrome !  Shiny !
Bourn, Kipnis,
Santana and Cabrera.
And a couple X-fractors.
Jason Kipnis
Trevor Bauer
And now it's  BREAK TIME !!
No, no, no....... don't go after coffee.
Box break time !
Chris, over at Nachos Grande, held a multi-box break
that looked pretty interesting so I bought into the Tribe cards.
There were 5 boxes involved.
2002 Fleer Maximum
1993 Upper Deck Series 1
2000 Topps Gold Label
2004 Fleer Tradition
and 2000 Skybox Dominion
An odd but interesting mix.
So, as in most breaks, I also received the cards from a random team.
Oh, the dreaded Randomizer !
This time I got Texas !
Not as bad as usual !
And when does a Tribe fan become ecstatic when he has Texas ??
When this card get pulled !
A freakin' Frank Howard auto !
Frank was on the Senators team that move to Texas in 1972.
And then another hit !
Hank Blalock  game worn jersey card !
Plus the usual Rangers from that era.
Maybe these players shouldn't really be grouped together.
Just the way the cards fell.
This was a very interesting part of the break.
This is a Double-Play insert from Dominion.
Ranger on one side, Indian on the other !
Take that Randomizer !!
But there's more....
I received two of these inserts !
There were 10 cards in this insert set.
Each came in three versions :
Std.  Double Play
Double Play Plus Parallel
Double Play Warp Tek Parallel.
( also called "Time Warp", wrapper says  Warp Tek )
The two I received are different,
 I have the Standard and Plus.
 Warp Tek  came 1/900 packs ! 
OK !
On to the Tribe cards !
Some of my favorite base cards.
I almost forgot !
There was also a box a Zenith packs with 2 8x10's per pack.
 This was the only Zenith Tribe card I got.
and there was a duplicate !
I also got this "Juan Gone" Dufex parallel 8x10. 
Enough for this time !!
My cold drugs are kicking in and it's getting late here  in Ohio !
Thanks for reading !

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  1. WOW! That's some awesome randomizer you got there!
    Still the Cooperstown cards are one of a kind.