Saturday, May 19, 2012

JABO'S Blogarage Sale

Have you ever seen the "grab bags" at a card show ?  You know, the sealed up brown paper bags full of cards of your favorite team or sport selling for $1-2.  That's what Kyle's Blogarage Sale reminds me of. And I'm a sucker for them almost every time !

But this time I ended up a winner ! I told Kyle I'd take the Indians, and today I received the surprise package. I didn't expect to find many cards I actually needed, but I added a baker's dozen of new Tribe cards to my collection.

Somehow, I had never acquired these 1982-83 Topps Traded cards, so this is a nice addition to my collection.

There was also a couple newer cards I was missing.

2008 Upper Deck Masahide Kobayashi rookie card and 2001 UD Reserve Bartolo Colon.

There were 108 cards in all with an excellent selection of years (1982-2011), brands and players.

There were still several teams available so you may want to check it out !

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