Saturday, May 26, 2012

Exciting 1992 Fleer Good Will find !!

Any of the two or three people, who read  my scribblings on a regular basis, know that I love to shop at Good Will stores.

I sometimes have very good luck finding various sports items, including baseball cards, at these stores in my area.

Actually, this time, it was my oldest son Josh who got there first, but he kindly shared with his "Baseball Dad" !

We walked in the Good Will in Port Clinton, Ohio. I went right to the book shelves while Josh and my wife headed to the misc. section. When we met up later Josh was holding a small package. For a $1.59 he found 2 packs of cards bundled with 15-20 loose baseball cards. All you could see was the edges of the light blue packs. We had no idea what kind of cards they were but they didn't look at all familiar to either of us.
As it turned out they were baseball cards !
Now, this was exciting to me because I had never seen these cards before, so it was a chance to add a new wrapper to my collection along with a new sample card.

This is what he found :

This is one pack that I had never run into before. There weren't many 7/11 stores in our area in 1992.

You had to buy at least 8 gallons of Citco gas at a 7/11 store to receive a free pack of cards.

There were no Indians in this set of 24 called  " The Performer Collection ".
The two packs held duplicates of Frank Thomas and Tom Glavine so I picked the Thomas for my sample card. 

I also requested the Larkin in case a certain "Fan of Reds" is interested !

Today my wife and I are off to the new acquariun in Cleveland. Next Wed. is our 32nd wedding anniversary so we are celebrating this week-end !

There are sure to be some Good Will stores in that area that we have not been to yet !


  1. Holy crap! 32 Years! Happy Anniversary you two!!!

  2. Wow, what a very cool find, indeed! Happy (early) Anniversary!! Hope your hunting at Good will nets you even more cool cards!