Friday, May 25, 2012

First Fuji Tribe Transaction

I have seen, read and even follow his blog but we had never conjured up a deal before.

I noticed in a comment he left, on another blog, that he liked mini posters so I contacted him and soon we had a trade worked out.

The amazing part is that he sent 12 random cards and I can use 7 of them!

That is really great considering I have about 12,000 Indian cards and my want lists are really crap !(that's my next major project!) 

Fuji's calling card is really cool !
I need to look into something like that.

1991 Woolworth Sandy Alomar
1988 Kaybee Joe Carter
1992 Topps Chris James Gold Winner
The two oddballs are the very high gloss variety.

1999 Fleer Brilliants Illuminators insert
I had the Russ Branyan but I need this one.

Trenidad made a stop in Cleveland, in between the Giants and Dodgers, in 1997 and played in 7 games. Although I'm not sure at what level, there was a lot of competition in Cleveland in those days !

A standout for the Florida Gators,Justin was drafted by Cleveland and played at AA Lake County. After elbow surgery, he retired a couple years later.

These last two are in a slightly different category.
I already had both, but these were upgrades for my collection.
These are my old cards pictured here.
The Lofton has a small nick on the bottom edge right under his glove and the Alomar has a wider margin on the right side than on the left, although it doesn't show too bad in the photo.

Whenever I get new Indian cards,even if I have them in my collection, I inspect them pretty close to get the best possible examples in my albums.

I may be a little crazy about it though, when I look at borders that are off by 1/32" !!

Thanks Fuji for the great trade !!

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  1. I'm glad you were able to use some of the cards I sent. I loved the posters, cards, and of course the unopened pack. Can't wait to see what I pull!