Sunday, January 29, 2012

Trading stack from Fan of Reds

Anyone reading this bottom of the totem pole blog surely knows of Nachos Grande's trade stacks. I've requested two or three of them over the past few months. For him, it is a great way to get rid of some cards and get something he needs for his collection.

For us, it gives a chance to pick out a card we would like to have and get some extra trade bait with it as well !

This is the card that made me pull the trigger on one of his stacks.
Actually it the first card he put up. I figured someone else would want it, but after a while it was still there, so I laid claim !
I'm not a Cincy fan.
I'm not an Aroldis Chapman fan.
I do kind of like sketch cards though.

I like the action shot here but I don't understand why they used a horizontal image on a vertical format card. Sometimes they just don't think about what they are doing !

The other cards will just go into my stock pile of cards to send out to the rest of you !!

Fan of Reds did include a stack of Tribe cards also.

He included a wide variety of years and brands.

Including some '70's and '80's Topps and two mid '80's OPC cards.

I really like the shots of Wright and King as they go into their delivery.

And Cory Snyder as he's about to smack the ball !

Well, thank you very much Chris ! I have a package ready to go out to you tomorrow, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did yours!

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