Thursday, January 19, 2012

Cheryl arrived !!

I was amazed to find Cheryl Burke on our kitchen island tonight !

Well, not literally. That would have been amazing, but my wife would never let that happen !

This is the second time in my collecting career that I have received a redemption card. The last one was in 2001. I received a 2001 Donruss All-Time Diamond King Hank Aaron. It seemed like it took forever for it to arrive. I know it was several months.

That's why I was amazed when Cheryl arrived in only 19 days !

I'm still not sure what I am going to do with her. I don't have any real desire to keep the card, so I will listen to offers if anyone is interested . I know Wicked Ortega, or "The Cardboard Don" as he is now known, was interested.

Anyone else ?

The streak across her chest is just a reflection.


  1. Still am i have acouple of cards i could offer up for that if you like. send me ur addy and we'll work something out.

  2. I'm going for all the autos so I'd be interested as well...