Thursday, April 7, 2011

Trades Stacked Up,Going to the Dogs, Marie helps !

I'm really behind here.

There have been so many things going on I just can't find enough time for everything.

I always used to be very good at posting trades so now I have to get caught up !

Just an example of how far behind I am, these cards are from Nachos Grande's 10th trade stack !

This Mantle is the one I was really interested in as he was childhood hero. It was the first card he posted in the stack and I didn't expect it to last so long. But it did so I claimed it !

Thank you Fan Of Reds !!

One day I received a package with a return address that read " Joe's Dog Training " !

The address was familiar and the package felt like cards but I was a little confused at first. That happens a lot at my age. At least for me !

Then I realized it was from Joe at The Sandlot.

Joe and I have done several trades but it had been a while.

Here's what he sent.

A good start on the 2011 Cleveland Indians team set.

Then there was a good mixture...

of Tribe cards past and present.....

including a mini....

and some of my old friends !

This was just a sampling of the cards he sent.

I need to dig up a few more to send back to him as I

think I got the better end of this trade !

Thank you very Joe !

It's always good trading with you .

The next package also came from New York.

All I have to do is send Marie Bay, over at A Cardboard Problem, something pertaining to that Albert guy and she always helps me out with some Indian cards.

As with Joe, she sent some 2011 Topps. There are a couple similarities but duplicate Indian cards are always OK ! I have two sons who collect them and I also carry some with me, most of the time, and hand them out to any youngsters I run into on the street that might be interested.

Marie also had some 2010's left over which I can use including ...

this Jeanmar Gomez Bowman rookie and an '08 Grady charcoal parallel.

She usually has some some wrappers too. Someday I AM going to do some more posts on my wrapper collection !

Marie had one last really great card.

It didn't photograph too well.

My scanner doesn't seem to work,

so I tried a photo copy !

It is actually a very nice purple refractor #'d 276/599.

Thank you very, very much !!

I still have 4-5 trades to go but the Tribe game is about to start so I'll get back to this later !!

Thanks everyone !!

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