Sunday, December 27, 2009

4 HR'S and Santa's other Christmas Goodies

Santa has been here and gone but he won't be soon forgotten !

As some of you know, Mcann Can Triple, over at A rookie card collector , set up a Secret Santa for any interested bloggers. Wickedortega over at My past time was my "Secret Santa". He sent this absolutely fantastic magazine!

A March 1990 Sports History with Tribe slugger Rocky Colavito on the cover. He was the lead in a story about players who have hit 4 HR's in one game. The Rock did it on June 10,1959 and at that time became only the 8th player to do so.The list has now grown to 15 with only 4, including the Rock, to do it in consecutive at bats.

On top of that,the magazine is autographed by Rocky !

Thank you so much for this great item!!

This conglomeration of items came from the REAL Santa. You know, from the North Pole and down the chimney. The real deal !

Starting at the top we have a patriotic Wahoo t-shirt, a wooden stand-up cut-out that my son thought resembled me with the mustache (maybe years ago when mine was still dark !). Hanging from the cut-out's hand are two more ornaments for my tree. May have to get a bigger one next year ! Behind the ornaments are some wall clings and below a set of Ken Burns' Baseball History on VHS tapes.I could watch that series forever. Down in front is a book my wife found, "Joe DiMaggio,The Hero's Life", a fun little nerf ball game, a small round picture frame and some 2007 Topps and 2009 Topps Update cards. Nothing special in the cards except for a Honus Wagner that I already managed to lose!!

Thanks Santa !!!


  1. Take care of it..... i knew you would love it more than i did.... Thanks for the shout out!!

  2. that's a real kick-butt secret santa gift

  3. Wow!!! What a great baseball-related Christmas!! :-)