Saturday, December 5, 2009

2009 Topps 206 - My first sighting.

Merry Christmas !

This is the 24" tree that sits atop of my desk for the holidays
as part of my Baseball Christmas decor !

I worked today,until noon.When I got home and walked in the front door there was this wonderful aroma.This is what I saw upon entering the kitchen. My wife (in the background behind my oldest son Josh) along with two of my sister-in-laws. If you look close in the bottom left corner you can see what they were up to. Christmas cookies !!!!!!!!
So much for my sugar count.

But here's what you really want to see. I stopped at Target on my way home to check on Topps Unique. No luck. But I did find T-206.
First pack held these:

Start with a couple pitchers.
John Maine Mets
James Shields Rays

Then both ends of the baseball spectrum.
A rookie and a HOF'er
Bailey had a good year for Oakland
and what can I say about Gehrig that you don't already know!

David Wright Mets
Not bad for the first gold parallel.
Albert Puhols , the first mini.
Also not too bad!
Pack 2

My first Triber. Yeah !
And my first ex- Triber!

Gil Meche Royals
Mel Ott N.Y. Giants
First National Leaguer to reach 500 HR's.

Tommy Hanson Braves
Rookie Gold
Dice K mini
Both minis were regular Piedmont backs but Puhols had an obvious pale yellow colored back.
Does that mean anything?

Just what Tommy's Mom wants to see on his 1st.(?) baseball card!!
Seems like nice cards but I'm still not a set collector.
Someone just might find some of these in a Christmas card.
( If you ask Santa !)


  1. Hey! I saved you a hobby wrapper from 206 and a retail heritage high series if you need them.

  2. Sure I'll take them!! Did you ask Santa for the Puhols?

  3. Oh, I just realized I left that out. I would love that Pujols and I have some Tribe mini's I can send in return!

    You're the best.