Sunday, November 30, 2008



Below left and right would be the left side of my desk , with the Dodge Ram delivering my tree. Santa and his helpers are in the Viper and Prowler. Above right: some of the boxes of decorations for the rest of our house.

Above left, that would be me and my wife ,about 100 years ago ! ( actually, only about 25 ,we've benn happily married for 28 1/2 ) I now have less hair and mustache is all white. Left and above right : This tree sets above my monitor ,all baseball related ornament including some Pacific cards from the late 1990's. Manny being Manny is near the top of tree.

Above : even our cat has her own tree,nutcracker and stocking !! She lays there with her head hanging down out of her bed thinking , " What are these people doing !"

More boxes and boxes.

Boxes and boxes everywhere !

These photos show why it will take my wife several days to get the whole house decorated, and this is just the inside stuff !!

Gotta go for now. BASEBALLDAD !

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  1. Man, the Tribe ornaments are way cool! I really like those Pacific ornaments. I'm going to have to see if I can find those online!!