Thursday, November 20, 2008

Collecting Again

The recession seems to have reached the card companies as Topps and Upper Deck have announced layoffs. Maybe the hobby will start to lean more toward collecting and having fun again ! If we can get more young people interested in cards and the the card companies to produce affordable packs and boxes maybe they could stay in business without having $ 400.00 packs with 3 cards inside. My plan this spring is to contact those in charge of our local baseball programs and arrange short meetings with the coaches , players and interested parents to introduce collecting to those who don't know and understand the real fun and enjoyment that can be had from collectors getting together. I want to be able to offer them at least a free pack of cards and explain some of the various types of collections that can be put together such as teams , players , sets , error / miscut cards , HOF 'ers and what ever you can imagine ! Also basic storage techniques and games to play. Hopefully this whole idea may keep some kids off the streets and away from the TV and video games once in a while and round out their activities a little. Or am I just dreaming .....

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  1. Hey! I think that is a GREAT idea!! Welcome to the world of blogging. 10,000 Indians cards!? Man, that is incredible! i can't wait to read about your collection and collecting ideas/insights.