Sunday, May 12, 2013

Trading My Sports Cards for Scrapbooks !

Did you ever put together a scrapbook ?

How about other crafty things like decorative pieces for around the house ?

I have a chance to trade all the stuff in my baseball room for a similar room full of scrap booking supplies and all sorts of craft making stuff !

And you know, I think I'm going to do it.

In fact, I actually started this afternoon.

Now before you all think I dove into the shallow end and hit my head, my wife and I are swapping.

No not partners, rooms. And not the contents, just the rooms.

My little "Man Cave" on the first floor is going to become her scrapbook/craft room and I'm moving upstairs to an open area at the top of the stairs. We have a 1 1/2 story cape cod style home that has two rooms up, with slanted ceilings on the front and back sides. One half is closed in, which is our son's bedroom. The other half is all open and leads to the stairs. I will actually have a little more space up there.

The move may cause a little down time for the blog, so don't worry if you down hear from me for awhile. We both have desktop pc's, mine being connected directly to the cable while hers works off of our wireless system. We are going to try to make the move in a manner to limit the down time for both of us, but we'll see how that goes !

Ultimately, it may be good for all of you as well, as I'll be able to get a lot of cards sorted and hopefully find some things for all you fellow and fellowette  bloggers! I definitely need to get rid of some cards !! Maybe I can even get some better want lists put together.

I do have some access at work and my computer here won't go down until it absolutely has to.

I am still planning to get some packages out next week, some long over due.

 I will keep reading and keep in touch as much as possible.

See ya' next time !


  1. Movin' on up... sounds like a lot of fun. I recently purchased a new desk for my office, which required me to reorganize things. It sort of sucked at first, but I was able to remove a lot of clutter and was so relieved after I was finished.

    Have fun!

  2. whew! you had me going for a bit there!!! I was all like that was a quick decision... I mean I just saw him buying cards...and to trade it all for scrapbooking.... good luck on the move up stairs! I know I dont want to ever have to move for then I would have to so something with all my clutter and well, I am too lazy for that.


  3. Wish I had a man cave. Post pics of your cave so I can drool over it.

  4. "Now before you all think I dove into the shallow end and hit my head..." - one of the best lines ever blogged. Period. Like Duane, I am relieved to know the "rest of the story" on this one!