Saturday, May 11, 2013

Columbus Card Show Part 2

Here are a few more goodies from the Vet's show in Columbus last week-end.

Most of these are all 10 or 25 cent cards.

Toward the end one dealer sold me 50 cards for $4.00 !

This one was actually another $1 card. I already have at least 2 copies but I couldn't pass it up.
Produced by Stouffers, in 1995, and inserted into frozen French bread pizza, Feller is #4 0f 5.
When you pull the tab, the action shot in the top photo stands up.
My first Tribe card of "Swish" !
Single, double and triple last night, no HR though.
1920 World Series win and a Lofton card I had never seen before.
1996 Stadium Club Member's Only.
Another new Thome !
1996 Stadium Club Member's Only, Member's Choice.
Would love to have the Barega, Belle, Lofton and Thome to go with these!
Although, they are not in the "Finest" versions, like these above.
A pair of Marks.
Shiny !
More shiny !!
From the look on Bip's face, he's not too happy with Ozzie !
I have Thome from this set, but don't see other players too often.
There was also some newer stuff.
I picked a lot cards just because they were interesting.
( Come on !! You know I pick them up as trade bait to get more Tribe cards !!)
These are for my sample collection.
Also grabbed a stack of Fleer Star Stickers.
And some Charter Member Stadium Clubs.
Pictures of pitchers !
Minis !!
Duane found three or four of these before I got to that table, bought them and graciously handed them to me !
Couple more .
Not minis !
I could go on...and on....and on.....
but I'll stop here for now.
Gotta' start getting ready for the move !
See ya' next time !


  1. I see some cards there that I like!

    Very nice choices.

  2. cool stuff. I've got a Yogi Berra card from that Stouffers series. Got it back in 95 or whenever those came out. I took it out of the plastic wrapping but have never pulled the tab to make it POP-UP. One of these days I'll look for the other 4 cards in the set.

  3. I like the Thomas and Morneau, if I do say so myself! Good stuff.

  4. The Star card of Reuschel is nice. Classic photo there.

  5. Never seen the Stouffers card before. Nice.