Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The right place at the right time.

Any of my one or two or three regular readers will know I love Good Will stores.
I've picked up a lot of very nice items there, from time to time, but have had a dry spell as of late.

That ended tonight.

My wife had to work late, so I was in no hurry to get home and a Good Will run seemed like a good idea.

The book shelves are the first thing you see when you walk into this particular GW store.
It's been a while since I found any interesting baseball books and tonight was no different.
Nothing. Well, there was a lot of books, but nothing that suited my fancy.

Off to the misc. shelf section.

Oh, a binder.

Binders are another item I always look for. I like these plain white ones, with the plastic sleeves on the outside, so you can insert identification information and still be able to change it at any time. I'm in the process of rearranging some of my Indian card collection so I'm looking for binders of various sizes.

This was a really nice, 3 inch, "D" ring version that lays completely flat.

Ok, what else can we find tonight?

Is that what I think it is on the next shelf ?

No way !

Yes, it is !!!

A mini Travis Hafner bobble head !
He is only about 5 inches tall.
I have a Jhonny Peralta to go with him.
 An even better than that....
not one, but two......
Joe Carters !!
I already had one of these, but I think both of my sons need one, besides, I could never have left Joe behind.
But now, the best part.
In Ohio, when you turn 60 years old, the state rewards you with a "Golden Buckeye" card.
Woo Hoo !!
It is good for a 10% discount at Good Will though !
Plus a few other places.
So now, the total price for 3 bobble heads and the binder, including tax.....
Now you know why I couldn't leave Joe behind !
99 cents for each bobble and 79 cents for the binder.
I love Good Will !!


  1. I am forever on the lookout for binders. I always seem to be in need of them.

    Terrific finds on the bobbleheads and binders! Can't beat that price.

  2. If one of the sons turns down Joe I have a home for him.

    Wish I could get deals like that around here. The bobbleheads I got this last weekend cost me 4.99 each. Getting all that for the price you did would be awesome.

  3. I searched Craigslist for binders once and found a law office that was going out of business and had binders for sale. They wanted $4 per 3" binder and $6 for a 6" binder. 6" binders are like $30 new so I bought 5 of them from him. It was one of my best Craigslist find yet.