Friday, February 1, 2013

Another 2013 Topps parallel - Toys 'R Us purple

I had to make a couple stops after work tonight and ended up going right by Toys 'R Us.

Hmmm......wonder if they have new Topps yet ?

Yeeesssss !!!

TRU has a decent display of sports cards here, although they are a little more expensive than the other big box stores. $24.95 for a blaster and $6.50 for a rack pack.

The individual packs come bubble wrapped, with "3 exclusive inserts inside!" .

These sell for $2.99, which isn't too bad considering the purples.
This gives me a third wrapper style for 2013.
Walmart and Target each advertise their respective parallel colors on the wrapper.
The only insert inside the actual wrapper was this...

....Ted Williams mini !
That will be going into my sample collection.
And now the purples.

The Ellis is already earmarked for a new home, the Westbrook will go into my sample cards collection for now. The Lucas Luetge is available if anyone is interested.

I tried K-Mart too, but they are way behind the times.


  1. OK, you've got your blue Kipnis, sir!

  2. Those purples look pretty sharp. If only TRU didn't jack up the prices on their cards and if they were slightly easier to obtain in general...

  3. I'm coveting that Williams mini! I haven't managed to find a player or team that I collect from the mini's yet.

    1. If you want the Williams mini just email your address!