Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Secret Santa came !

At least I think it's my Secret Santa !
The return address says " Sanity Clause", from Acworth, Ga.
That must be Santa's summer home, 'cause everyone knows he lives at the North Pole.
The little kid in me ripped open the box and right on top was a note saying "don't open your stocking until Christmas". Oh man !! I can't wait, I have to see what's inside.

But I handed the box to my wife and she peeked inside.

Mrs. BB Dad : Plastic bags.
Baseball Dad : I got plastic bags !!??

She continued to dig through the bags and suddenly said,

Mrs. BB Dad : "I think the stocking is part of the gift !"
Baseball Dad : Cool, let me see it !
Mrs. BB Dad : No, you have to wait !!

Sigh !! Ok, under the tree it goes.
( living room is under construction, bare drywall and lack of door frame trim )

So here it sits until Sunday morning. Santa's little helper is keeping a close eye on it, pointing and saying " Don't open 'till Christmas !"

I'm dying here, but I'll wait !

Here's a better shot of the base of my Baseball Christmas tree. There's a lot of Christmassy baseball stuff available, when you really look around !

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  1. You can't fool me...