Sunday, August 14, 2011

Human Rain Delay, Bobble #20 plus Topps Lineage

Another Tribe victory !

The Tribe got by Minnesota again last night on Asdrubal Cabrera's 3rd inning, 3 run HR to the Home Run Porch.

It was also Mike Hargrove's night as he was honored with a

Human Rain Delay bobblehead.

Today's umpires would never let him get away the antics he performed at the plate.

He used to take forever to get ready to hit !

Mike would :

Tap his cleats with the bat head.

Adjust the back of his pants.

Adjust his batting gloves.

Flex his shoulders.

Touch his helmet.

Readjust his glove.

Rub his nose.

Readjust his helmet.

Step into the box.

Take a pitch.

And maybe do it all over again !

This makes my 20th Indian bobblehead.We had three tickets for the game. One for me, my wife and oldest son Josh. My wife's bobblehead was to be saved for our other son Andy, who now resides in Illinois. Rachel had a long day at work and opted not to go.I turned in two tickets at the gate and received two bobbleheads. Our bag of bobbleheads occupied the empty seat between Josh and I !

They also sell baseball cards at the stadium.Last night they Topps, Allen & Ginter and Lineage.

This was the first place I had seen Topps Lineage available so I picked up 3 packs.(one for me and one for each son). I don't know if these are special packs for Cleveland, but Josh pulled a Carlos Santana and I pulled this ...

.... Shin-Soo Choo !

These base cards.

Kyle Drabek

Paul O'Neill

Chipper Jones

Not bad, but it gets better.

Three great legends !

Whitey Ford

Ty Cobb

Walter Johnson

Plus a 1975 style mini of Adam Dunn.

I thought that was pretty good for my first pack !

The free program honored the newest HOF members, and former Indians, Roberto Alomar and Bert Blyleven.

All in all in was a great night as right around the corner the Browns were taking down the World Champion Green Bay Packers 24-17 !

Fortunately, when the Tribe game ended, the Browns game was still in the fourth quarter so not all of the 87,ooo people (53,ooo at Browns and 30,000 at Indians) were leaving at the same time !


  1. I was at this game too. My wife and I got tickets from a friend of mine, and had a great time. The bobblehead is awesome! I got soem cards too, but I got one of the 50 card packs of Indians cards, and the top card was a Bob Feller that I didn't previously have. Go Tribe!