Friday, March 18, 2011

No way, not even in a million years !!

I do have a little Irish in me, from my Father's side, but it never seemed to have much effect on things in general. Maybe it was the nice weather today. I don't know.

My wife had to work late tonight so I stopped at Target and Walmart.

Let's start with Opening Day.

Walmart had a 24 card cello pack that I had not seen before. Well, I had to have one of those for my wrapper collection ! Opening day is fun set anyway. It brings out the little kid in me. ( my wife keeps looking for something to bring out the adult ! )

Here we have a couple great action shots of two great shortstops. Andrus, up and coming, and Jeter, one of the best ever. Next to Omar of course !

The mascot set is one of the fun sides of OD. I love these.

I picked up two packs of Heritage at Target.

Chris Perez, the Tribe closer was the high point of both. As far as the rest of the Heritage cards,
borrrrrring !

Now for the 2011 Topps.
I got one pack at Target and one at Walmart. The cards got all mixed up so I really don't know which ones came from where. Except for two.More on them later.

I did get two more Tribe cards. Santana should become a big star and hopefully we won't trade him away in a few years ! And Shin-Soo Choo is coming off of a breakout year where he opened a lot of eyes.

Then there was one Diamond Anniversary insert for all you sparkly fans.

A couple more Opening Day inserts here.

I love the presidential first-pitch set. I really want to get all of these.
The Stadium Lights cards are also a neat set.

These last two are the ones you can trace to their origin.

The Heyward Red Diamond is a Target exclusive, while the Braun Blue Diamond only comes from Walmart packs.

These inserts aren't that rare, but,what are the odds of buying one pack at each store and getting a diamond insert in each one ?

But even that wasn't the luck that I fell into tonight.
Oh, there is one more.

Tonight, while I was sorting the Topps base cards to put them in proper order in their 2011 box, one card seemed different.

It had a silver border ! I thought to myself, now what the heck is this !?
So I turned it over and .....

..... OMG !! A platinum 1/1 ! And I didn't have to open 27,000 packs as the back of the wrapper indicates. Only two others on ebay right now. This has to be the most unique card I have ever pulled from a retail pack, or any other pack as far as that goes!

Out comes the little kid again !


  1. I still remember the day I pulled a 1/1. You don't forget, even if it's a guy like Branyan (or Ryan Church, like me).


  2. Hey! Great pull!! And a former Triber to boot!! W00t!

  3. Wow! Congratulations! You always assume the retail 1/1 is a myth perpetrated by the wrapper gods. Glad to see CardZeus struck you with his lightning.
    Sorry for the horrible analogy/metaphor.

  4. Oh wow, that is a freakin awesome night in cardboard. And I'm talking about all the hits, not just the Cano ;) Congrats!

  5. Great pull! The first platinum I've seen.

  6. Very cool! Congratulations! I have yet to pull a 1/1