Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The mail must go on ! But you have to have a stamp.Trade withTungusta.

A couple days ago I received a letter in the mail with these stamps affixed to the envelope.

You collectors from up north will quickly recognize them !

The two on the right are Canadian issued stamps to honor Ferguson Jenkins. The only Canadian elected to the American Baseball HOF. He is also in the Canadian Baseball HOF and has a Cy Young award to his credit.

Tungusta, from Long Fly Ball to Because.... , had a post about this stamp and I told him I was interested in a copy as I had a collection of baseball stamps. So we worked out a trade.

Inside the envelope was this very interesting note card with a really great Tribe logo .

There was also this game ticket stub ... or is it ?!

Closer inspection reveals that it is a Canadian stamp booklet from the post office !

I salute the Canadian Post Office as this was a super clever idea

using Fergie's stats to make this look very much like a real ticket !!

Upon opening the booklet I found one, perfectly centered, mint condition Fergie stamp.

Sorry, my close-up is kind of fuzzy.I think I have an auto-focus problem.

Thank you Tungusta, very much for the Fergie stamp.

( I sent him a couple stamps also, as you will see later)

Now for some other baseball related stamps.

This mini-sheet was printed by the USPS in 2007 in preparation for the centennial celebration of the writing of "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" .

The stamps are self adhesive and printed on the reverse side of the paper backing of each stamp is the rest of the story.

This sheet is my favorite !

Going back to the year 2000, this sheet depicts 20 of the nominees for the

"All Century Team".

Once again, a short bio of each player is printed on the backing.

Baseball Sluggers

From 2005, this sheet shows four of the great sluggers from the past.
I really don't why these particular four players were chosen but they definitely fit the bill !

Again, there is a short bio on the back.

They did come on a neat looking sheet!

Rube Foster

These are the stamps that I sent to Tungusta.

The entire scene was spread over two separate postage stamps in such a way that, side by side, they show a great action image. Yet separately, they are still very attractive stamps.

I hope the USPS continues these baseball themed issues to help preserve and promote our great sport.

This is the entire Rube Foster sheet.
These are still available, at least at some post offices.

A few from the past !

There are many,many more baseball related stamps issued by countries all around the world.
I want to obtain as many as I can to add to my baseball collectibles.

ebay is one place to start !

I hope you have enjoyed my stamp display !


  1. I was a stamp collector before I was a baseball card collector. I had a big binder and everything. Loved it. It was short-lived though. I remember the baseball 100-year anniversary stamp the most. It was the only sports-related stamp I had.