Sunday, May 2, 2010


Where will you be on May 10th ?

I'll be thinking of you all as, hopefully, my family and I will be playing ball here :

It's either Heaven or Iowa. Maybe both. " The Field of Dreams" Just in case any of you readers aren't aware of it, the playing field from the movie is now a tourist attraction. They were right. People will come.

This isn't really the important announcement, but if does have some ties as you will find out later (if you keep reading).

But first, you have to sit tight through some trade posts. Or, I guess I can't stop you from scrolling down to the bottom to the heart of the post,but I hope you'll at least glance through the following on the way there.

First up, a package from Covered in Wrappers over at A Cardboard Problem.

As her name implies, she generally has, and saves me a few of her wrappers. I love getting the hobby version and high end wrappers as there are no card shops in my area. Plenty of inexpensive retail available but I have to drive a ways to find a real card shop.

She also included a nice stack of Tribe cards. Always a welcome sight here!

Some very nice copper border 2009 Topps 206.

2004 Topps Chrome refractor of Alex Escobar. Sizemore, Wood and 2010 Topps Attax Cabrera.

The "Jake" (Progressive Field --boring name! I do have Progressive insurance though)
One of our past favorites, Victor Martinez, and present favorites Grady Sizemore.Who I think is still hurting.

Thank you so much Marie! The cards are great.

Next up is every one's favorite bird, Night Owl.

Shiny is always good. Just ask Motherscratcher. I'm sure we'll hear from him again.
2009 Topps Chrome including Hafner refractor. Hey Night Owl, that post you had about getting the same card over and over, well the Hafner refractor is mine. They must have made millions of this one.

He also remembered my affinity for "The Mick". My childhood baseball hero.

How he knew I needed an up grade on my Eric Wilkins I'll never know! The one in my collection has terrible scratches on the front.

Thank you very much Mr. Night Owl!

Finally some cards from Chris, who is a reader but has no blog that I know of.
We've made a couple trades in the past.

2010 Topps Attax Shin-Soo Choo.He's been having a terrific year so far.

I've already discussed Grady but this is a nice 2010 Topps Heritage dice-game variation card.

I had a Red Sox 2010 Topps Opening Day blue border card.
Chris wanted it the worst way!
He kept sending emails with new offers.
I said I would only trade it for a Tribe blue border.
Well, he finally found one and we made a deal!

Thanks Chris for the great trades!

And now, drum roll please !
Rat-a Tat

Yes this is BGSU's 100th year! Yea!!!
Double Yea!!!
Next Saturday we will be at BGSU to see our youngest son graduate!
He also has a job lined up with the Medina Gazette as a general news reporter for the Brunswick,Ohio area. He still wants to get into more sports oriented writing but this will be a great starting point for him. We are very proud ( if you can't tell !)

That's where the field of dreams comes in. We have two house sitters lined up and will be on a short vacation to celebrate Andy's graduation. Oh, and also, on the 31st my wife and I will have been married 30 years !! Who'd of thought she keep me that long!

So there will be a lot of preparation next week and you may not hear from me for a while. I will keep up updated on our travels though.

Almost done.
Have to brag a little too.
Andy also came home with a little hardware for his hard work!

Yes, we are proud !

Thanks for reading!


  1. Congrats on the upcoming graduation!

  2. Wow, lots of good news there. Enjoy!

  3. WOW!! That is awesome!! Congrats on everything going on with you!!! Wahoo!!!

  4. That's great news! Congrats to you and yours. Have fun in the field of dreams.

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  6. What impressive achievements by your son.

    The Field of Dreams pics and details are great.