Thursday, December 25, 2008

Nolan Ryan, Evan Longoria , C.C. Sabathia
Clayton Kershaw , Chris Carter , Brett Gardner

Merry Christmas 2008 ! At 7:00 AM this morning it was snowing and we had a very slight white Christmas. Everything is green again now at 2:50. I have a little time waiting to go to my inlaws for the evening so I wanted to make a short post. I received 5 packs of cards from my two sons this morning , including the cards pictured above. 35 cards altogether and not a single Tribe card !! The Ryan Mets card is nice though.And the C.C. card my be one of few Brewers cards he'll have. I'm off work now until the 31st and I'l be working on a "Super" Joe Charboneau post. Have a nice holiday everyone !!

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