Sunday, February 15, 2015

A Different Take on 2015 Topps How is your Collation ?

There were a lot of things going on in 2014. Not bad things, just things ! I really never had the time to sit down and keep up the ole' blog like I should have. But I think I'm ready to come back in full force now, although I feel like a rookie. I have many trade packages to get out and several to post. Even though I wasn't posting much, I still got packages in the mail. It's just such a great blogging community !

Here you see my 2015 Topps supply. A Target blaster, hanger box, rack pack, jumbo pack and regular pack. A Walmart blaster, hanger box and rack pack and a Toys R Us rack pack and regular pack. Our Walmart doesn't have regular packs. 

The two stacks in back are all the base cards sorted into team piles. The stacks in front are inserts, subsets and misc. I never think I get enough Indian cards for my location and maybe the card companies don't take that into consideration anyway. If not they should !  I would buy more if I thought the chances of getting cards from my local team were greater. But are they ?  I'm about to find out and tell the whole world. Or at least the few people who read my humble scribblings.

What do you reader(s) think ? What team got the most cards ? ( not my Indians !!) Who got the least ?  The results may surprise you ! 

I may even make this a sort of contest. Let's see what kind of feedback I get !! 

My next post will have all the pertinent results. 

BTW  You can call me Baseball Dad or Baseball Granddad  or after April, you can call me Baseball Granddad 2.  Little Miranda is getting a baby sister !!


  1. Based on my group break case, I'll guess the Giants had the most and the Cardinals or Brewers the least. Also, congrats on being a granddad (again)!

  2. Hey bud! Congrats on another little one to spoil!

    Uh... the Yankees would be the obvious choice, but I'll say Giants as the most.
    Astros the least.

    and the Braves with the most cards of players who aren't on the team anymore.

  3. My own experiment resulted in lots of Yankees, Dodgers, and Braves.
    Least represented were the Rockies I only saw three base cards out of two blasters.

  4. In the videos from Chris - seems like there was always a Dodger or a Giant. Least? In the packs I've bought, I can't recall seeing a lot of Brewers.

  5. I'm going to go with the popular choices and say Giants with the most and Brewers with the least. I've found that busting Retail packs usually seems to end with a whole lot of doubles, especially when compared to Hobby packs. It's like the card packing patterns get repeated a lot more frequently, so I am opening packs or hanger boxes that are near duplicates of each other. I think a couple of other bloggers have mentioned that happening with hanger boxes especially.

  6. Most is Giants. Definitely. Least are my Brewers. There are only 18 total possible Brewers in this Series 1, including all inserts, and that includes the "In the Name" 1/1s that are packaged only in hobby boxes sold to a single customer in Nunavut.

  7. Congrats!

    I'm going to say the Mets. I pulled a ton of Mets.

  8. Hi, I will put the Kluber aside for you, I can't seem to find your e-mail though, please send me an email at brauer144 at gmail dot com (I know we've traded a couple times but I don't keep addresses)

  9. I always seem to pull the most cards of Phillies and Marlins, which I end up keeping because I don't know anyone that collects those teams. I don't remember seeing a ton of Padres, for some reason.

  10. I bought a tripack and bunch of singles from Target never pull the Tigers that I'm looking for. Ended up getting only two doubles out of the collection.