Friday, August 23, 2013

Chipzzzz and a Very Lucky ebay Seller

The latest way for Topps to get our money.

Of course, no one is going to twist your arm.

2013 Topps Chipz.
Poker chips with baseball player photos.

I saw one other post on these tonight by
McCann Can Triple at A Rookie (baseball) Card Collector .

Here's what I have.

Here is your basic chip front.
And back.
Both sides do have a very high gloss finish.
This is a Silver Parallel.
Note the silverish  flip side.
There is also a Gold version.
In four packs I got one silver and no gold.
Glow in the Dark parallel !
These have a completely different texture.
The player image has a very dull surface.
The entire reverse got the semi-gloss,
 slightly rough surface treatment.
Here it is, glowing in the dark !
Right in the center you can just barely
see a small oval shaped area, slightly
lighter than the background.
That's the glow !!
Are you as impressed as I am !?
I'll admit, it does look better in person.
And if I was a youngster, I would probably be more excited.
Here is the Magnetic Parallel.
You can see the high gloss in this shot
and right in the center there is a small round impression.
That's the magnet.
All the chipz have a metal core and stick to the
Magnetic Parallel.
I do see the point in these. You could stick them on a school locker
( on the inside of course!), file cabinets or any metal surface for display.
The wrapper says
" 1 Team Sticker ".
The "sticker" comes mounted on a chip
from the respected team.
It peals right off and is actually
a vinyl cling type thingy.
There are also "Instant Winner" 1-5236,
 "Relic" chipz" 1- 1,047 and "Autographs" 1- 2,094.
Doesn't say what you can win.
I forgot to shoot the wrapper and the game board,
you can see them on McCann Can Triple's post.
They're OK. I definitely want all the Indians.
The surface scratches very easily though,
pristine examples may be hard to find.
On to ebay !!
Nice card, huh !?
Got it for $.01 plus $2.00 shipping.
It came shipped in a folded over team bag in a PWE !!
No other protection what so ever.
I was totally amazed that there was no damage.
Also got these from 2 other sellers.
The red in 2 of  25.
Francisco Lindor.
Our SS of the future.
And finally, a blue border TV
(sorry, very bad photo)
Hank Aaron !
I don't really care for these "TV" cards with blue borders.
But it is Hammerin' Hank !! 
Well, the Indians just lost 5-1.
Time for bed !!


  1. $2 in a team bag and PWE? Man. Sometimes eBay disgusts me.

  2. Those chipz pretty cool. The cards are great! You got rooked on the packaging for $2.00 though. Ouch.

  3. The $2.00 doesn't bother so much since I got the card for $.01, but if it had been damaged, I would have been upset !!

  4. Let me know if the glowing Bumgarner is up for trades. I don't care much for chipz, but I'm a sucker for glow-in-the-dark cards.

    1. I need one for a sample. If I get anymore I'll certainly let you know !!

      I like the old heat activated cards also.

  5. Those poker chips are way cool! It reminds me of a game with a similar chips that we made a tower from and throw a single one against it. Those which fall down with the face up we grab it. Who ended up with most won.
    I imagine playing again that game with that chips instead of playing poker.
    The Hamels and Bumgarner chios are simply beautiful. Wonder why eheh